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Roadrunner e-mail has become virtually useless.

I have used my roadrunner e-mail account to field e-mails - both from 'good' vendors and 'useless' vendors for years now. But I can no longer 'clean it out'.

Of course 'cleaning out' email requires that you sort by sender or date received. This is no longer possible with your Brighthouse account e-mail, the account 'times out' long before the result of such a sort can take place...forget it.

So now, an e-mail address that I've used for more than a decade is useless.

Screw Brighthouse and Roadrunner...they've screwed me...time to abandon them....Just go yahoo or's not worth the painful experience of useless e-mail...

Melbourne, FL

Reason of review: bad quality, poor customer service and problems not described, you morons.....

I liked: Internet servive is excellent, Your e-mail is useless.

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