Well aware of the auto renewal charge of $24.99, I called RRS customer service 800 743 3260 to cancel the charge before my year ran out. Kara said yes, the renewal was canceled.

I asked for confirmation number and was advised none was needed. So I just received my Visa bill with $24.99 charge and a phone number 800 902 9702. Called that number who informed that the charge was for auto renewal. Called RSS customer service 800 732 3260, told them my conversation with Kara and Brian informed me that Matt S approved credit that will appear in 3-5 days.

We will see. Extremely poor practice.

I will not shop RRS again. Check your statements.

Product or Service Mentioned: Roadrunner Membership.

Monetary Loss: $24.

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Credit card was charged $27.99. Thank you to my credit card for flagging the charge as fraudulent and notifying me.

Credit card contacted RoadRunner and got my money refunded. RR said my wife signed up for the VIP account about a year ago....she has no memory of doing that!!

Denver, Colorado, United States #1344974

Apparently my wife ordered shoes. I was charged $44.99 VIP.on my card illegally.

I called number and was put on hold and disconnected twice after

1/2 hour each time.

I finally called sales for a new account and they claimed they will refund to my card. We will see, but I will never do business with them again.


Same issue with me. They charged me for a renewal and I did not approve this.

I tried calling and all numbers are disconnected. I am contacting my bank now.


they hit us up and we have not shopped there for two years--FRAUD ALERT!


September 2015

I also had the annual renewal charges. I looked and saw that I purchased the shoes in 2012, and had been charged $24.99 in 2013 and 2014, and 26.99 now in 2015.

In their defense, the site does talk about auto-renewal "So you don't lose your benefits!" (so helpful!...for them), but I'm not sure how clear it is when you initially select the free shipping.

She was able to refund 2 of the 3 years I was charged, so ask for that.

I called the # on the card statement: 800-901-9207. Looks like there is also a VIP customer service line 800-743-3206.

Good luck!


ditto 26.99 charged on my card as RRS*ROADRUNNER this is even after i went online a month earlier and disabled the renewal, or so I thought perhaps.

phoned next day charge reversed immediately by RR.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #676992

I purchased a pair of running shoes 3 years ago at the Mesa AZ store, though very helpful in fitting the shoes and customer service seemed professional, there was NO INDICATION that an automatic renewal charge would be debited. I contacted the Customer Service office (Talked to Stephanie) about automatic renewal charges on my credit card.

She was polite and indicated a credit back to my account would be made. (I will monitor my account) Note: If you have not used the VIP privilege, you can get up to two years credited back but, you have to ask for it. Also be sure to ask for a confirmation number to track your call(s).

I will shop there again but, will be very cautious of any VIP card offers. Best of luck.


Yes this is a scam. No one at the point of purchase told me ANYTHING about an automatic renewal charge to my credit card yearly.

they did it two times to me before I noticed. I called and I think they know the drill and refunded me the two charges, I also wrote a letter to the better business bureau beacuse this is a scam and I bet there are thousands getting robbed by these crooks as I write this.

San Diego, California, United States #649176

Roadrunner VIP club scam. Yep, same thing has happened to me.

I bought a pair of shoes 1 year ago and they got me to sign up for this VIP membership at the register. Now 1 year later without asking or informing me, they automatically charged $24.99 to the credit card I bought the shoes with. Unbelievable and fraudulent.

What a scam!!! I won't go back to Roadrunner.


Also charged the renewal fee, will never shop there again. The prices were not good enough to warrant a membership charge

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