I am very dissatisfied with roadrunner email customer service.

One of My roadrunner email addresses was automatically deleted from the server for no reason and I lost all its emails.

When I started being unable to log in with this email address, I called the customer service 6 times in the span of 10 days and spent each time at least 15-20

minutes on the phone , sometimes even about 1 hour, trying to get my email address restored.

All the times I was put on hold many times, they contacted other departments and "escalated the ticket" and told me they would call me back later.

They only called me back 2 times out of 6 without being able to resolve the problem.

They never gave me a reasonable explanation why my email address was deleted and

I have been forced to use a different email address for all the services for which I was using my old roadrunner email address.

My advice is to stay away from roadrunner email addresses , since the data on these email accounts is not reliably maintainted.

I have been using a google gmail account for years and never had any access and/or speed problem, so I would definitely recommend google mail for all email usage.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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My email is now gone too....along with it is my access to my Amazon Prime account and who knows what else.


Same issue just happened to me today. My email account i have had for years out of the blue just vanishes and they cant tell me why.

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