Roadrunner sports automatically renews your VIP membership for $24.99 the following year. I purchased shoes last year and joined to save the shipping.

I was surprised to see the renewal charge on my credit card bill this month. The info on the site currently says "The $1.99 price is a first year introductory special. Annually the Club renews at $24.99." It does not state that the renewal is AUTOMATIC.

I read through the link where it said I could 'read to my hearts content' about the program and can't find anything about automatic renewal. Check your credit card bills and bank accounts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Roadrunner Membership.

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This is very bad business plan for Roadrunner.


Just saw this unauthorized charge pending on my bank statement. WTF???

I’m so ANGRY! Never did I agree to this.


yes, i also got auto renewal without authorized


The same thing happened to me today and I want to do something about it. If you do too, please email me at consumeradvocate619@gmail.com.


They lured me into signing up at the store for $20 when I could’ve just signed up online for $1.99


First we called American Express They gave us a number to call so we then called road runner at 1-800-543-7309 and talked to a Representative named Deidre

She says she took us off the VIP club , we'll see come May


Me too - 2 years in a row I've asked Citi card to dispute the charge

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1314627

Happened to me too.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1295788

This a rip-off scam. My credit card was charged $27.99 without my authorization.

I purchased a pair of shoes from them over a year ago but never knowingly agreed to a recurring membership charge.

I called to complain; they said they would reverse the charge. We'll see.


I just saw it today debited on my checking wtf!!!

New York, New York, United States #1292169

They charge me 29.99 without permission for a membership renewal.

They send mails every day with the same today is the last day to …

Newport Beach, California, United States #1291138

This is a scam & the only thing I'm surprised at is that authorities are not investigating OR this has not made the news.When you buy shoes, you also agree thru the fine print to a $24.99 or $27.99 VIP membership that supposedly you can cancel at any time.

So the first surprise is the charge that shows up annually. And RoadRunner is hoping you won't notice & they roll the $24.99 or $27.99 charge forever.

The fun begins when you do notice and this is how it goes: 1) You call them to cancel & RoadRunner's customer rep says they cannot find any record of any purchase & simply to call your credit card company & cancel through them b/c it must be their error; 2) You call the credit card company & they cancel the charge pending the investigation of the charge; 3) When the Credit card company calls RoadRunner VIP, they actually provide the credit card company with supporting documentation & an explanation of the charge and further state when the membership was purchased, I was advised that it will renew automatically. In addition, when the Credit card company sent me the documentation that RoadRunner sent them supporting the documentation, I noticed that they had changed our address as well as ONE digit in the last 4 digits of our phone number -- likely to make it more difficult to track; 4) FURTHERMORE -- they tell the credit card company that they (I'm reading right off the letter) "do not see any attempt of canceling the membership." An absolute lie.

5) The Credit card company then re-instates the charge, attaches proof (complete with incorrect address & phone number); 6) Then you go through the same thing again....and again.

It has been said to "just cancel your change the number on your card or have the credit card company place a merchant block on RoadRunner".A friend of ours who went though the same thing did change his credit card number & Roadrunner responded by sending the $27.99 charge to a collection agency which he is now fighting.

to SCAM Alaska Peninsula Nwr, Alaska, United States #1302358

I fully agree. In my case I notice the unauthorized charge in the spring of 2016 and notice Roadrunner in writing (by USPS) that (a) I wished to discontinue my VIP membership (which I had never knowingly signed up for) and (b) that it was "NOT authorized to charge ANY credit card in my name for ANY membership fee or for any other purpose."

The result: Roadrunner simply ignored the letter and, in February of this year, once again charged my credit card for a VIP membership fee.

When I complained to the BBB, it claimed never to have received my letter. It did then refund the fees for both 2016 and 2017 but it is quite clear to me that it has every intention of continuing this fraudulent practice with respect to less troublesome customers.


Just happen to me im very upset

Kingston, Ontario, Canada #1252686

RRS*ROADRUNNER VIPCLUB 800-901-9207 is a scam.

They will charge your credit card and have no record of your address. Therefore making cancellation a very annoying and confusing process.

This is brilliant scheme - ensuring years of membership without you even knowing.

Edmonds, Washington, United States #1238155

I had a charge for $27.99. I called, waited about 10 minutes, and they said they will reverse the charges.

95% of the time, i never sign up for memberships even if there is small discount, as i am against these types of scams, so i don't think i would have signed up for this one.

but i'll wait and see if they take the charges off. i do worry about another year from now....

Huntington Beach, California, United States #1236805

I never even signed up and saw a charge for 44.95.

Saegertown, Pennsylvania, United States #1234443

I have had the same problem. What a terrible way to rip people off


I have the same problem and just realized I have been paying two years of membership fees. I called the number on the website to cancel the service and was on hold for almost an hour (48:34).

So I called my creditcard company to block any charge from Roadrunner and decided I will not be a customer to them again.

Thousand Oaks, California, United States #1220910

No wonder they rang the bell, when I gave them my card info.

I will try to retrieve my card info, Luckily, they tried to charge my Costco/Amex. Closed account!

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